During a disaster, vulnerable communities are affected the most.

The COREConnect platform allows governments and emergency management agencies to provide a single point of entry in their community for critical resource coordination before and after a disaster.

What is COREConnect?

A web application for all.

COREConnect is a web-based app that allows community members to efficiently locate, request, and acquire resources they need during and after a disaster.
How Does it Work?

Request resources on‑demand

Affected populations use the web app to request the resources they desperately need, including: food, water, shelter, and medical supplies.
Who is Involved?

A collaborative relief response

Local governments and emergency management organizations team up through COREConnect to create a centralized repository of relief efforts.
Streamline Disaster Operations

Unified relief
through technology

Government and volunteer organizations team up through the COREConnect Dispatch Dashboard, where they are able to view, log, and respond to requests in real-time.

Affected populations get the resources they need, quickly and efficiently.

Built with simplicity in mind, COREConnect can be used by anyone, anywhere, so communities can respond better and faster to help those most vulnerable.

Request a demo.

We invite governments and emergency management agencies to see firsthand how COREConnect can strengthen their community’s response to and recovery after a disaster. Request a guided, hands-on demonstration of the COREConnect app and Dispatch dashboard:

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